A Ceramics and Photographic Exhibition

Updated 9th June 2016

the dinner party

The Dinner Party - Ceramics by Aimée Mcleod

This exhibition was recently held at the Thistle Hall (corner Cuba St and Karo Drive)

"the dinner party" - Ceramics by Aimée McLeod "Too many people rush around with their take-away coffees in paper cups and take-away meals in plastic containers eaten in front of TV. My exhibition focuses on tableware, the joy of sitting down to a meal on hand made dishes or simply cradling a mug in your hand.

the dinner party

"urban trees" - Photographs by Roland Idaczyk These trees seem almost assimilated by their surroundings. Mostly taken in the winter, these images reflect on the fate of vegetation in the city.

urban trees

"electron micrographs" - Photos by John Patterson Taken through the 30-year-old JEOL 733 microprobe at Victoria University, these are fascinating images (micrographs) of highly magnified organisms, and other samples. Some of the micrographs have been interpreted as landscapes by Czech artist Linda Ćihařová.

electron micrographs


I was asked by my sister-in-law, Aimée Mcleod, to display some of my old electron micrographs at an exhibition of her ceramic tableware. The micrographic part of the display was also motivated by an artist, Linda Čihařová from Prague in the Czech Republic. She used some of the micrographs from my web page to produce large oil paintings, as inhabited landscapes. She asked me if she could display the micrographs alongside her paintings at a major art exhibition in Prague.

Here I have done the reverse. I am displaying some electron micrographs alongside some colour prints of the paintings that Linda sent to me as digital files. I have titled the display Some Unusual Electron Micrographs - Comparisons and Interpretations.

I have tried to credit everyone involved in the sample preparation and the photography. Most of the micrographs are not exactly geological. They were recorded because they looked unusual.

The micrographs are not for sale. They are simply there to provide an interesting background to a ceramic tableware display.

Some Unusual Electron Micrographs - Comparisons and Interpretations

The JEOL 733 Electron Microprobe was purchased by Victoria University in 1979. It ran continuously for 30 years until it was replaced with a new instrument housed in the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences in 2009. I was responsible for its operation from 1996 to 2008. Not long after I arrived, I added a digital imaging capability and a few other refinements, such as cathodoluminescence and an optional increase in the gain of the back-scattered electron detector by a factor of five. The helium-ion implanted titanium metal micrograph in this exhibit was obtained using this modified back-scattered electron detector.

I taught many graduate students to operate this microscope and I often took micrographs for them as there were many variables to adjust for a good result. The micrographs here were all taken 9 to 15 years ago.

In October 2015 I was contacted by Linda Ćihařová from Prague in the Czech Republic. She wanted to display some micrographs found on my web site, along with her oil paintings derived from them, at a major exhibition in Prague. The paintings interpreted the micrographs as unusual inhabited landscapes.


“The series of paintings, which are inspired by images from the electron microscope has origin in a question if there exists a landscape in this micro scale. How does it look like and who lives there?”

For this exhibition I was invited by Aimée to display some of my micrographs on a blank wall behind her work. I asked Linda if I could display some prints of her paintings alongside my micrographs. She kindly sent me some suitable files, which I printed.

I used an Epson C83 printer using Epson DURAbrite inks and Epson Matte Heavyweight paper for all the prints. The images were minimally adjusted for printing. The monochrome images used black ink only.



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Aimée McLeod

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John Patterson

Ceramics by Aimée McLeod Ceramics by Aimée McLeod

Ceramics by Aimée McLeod Ceramics by Aimée McLeod

Ceramics by Aimée McLeod Ceramics by Aimée McLeod

Ceramics by Aimée McLeod Ceramics by Aimée McLeod

Ceramics by Aimée McLeod Ceramics by Aimée McLeod

Ceramics by Aimée McLeod Ceramics by Aimée McLeod

Urban Trees by Roland Idaczyk Urban Trees by Roland Idaczyk

Urban Trees by Roland Idaczyk Urban Trees by Roland Idaczyk

Electron Micrographs by John Patterson Electron Micrographs by John Patterson

Beetle vs Ice Surface Beetle vs Ice Surface

Landscape 1 Landscape 1

Landscape 2 Landscape 2

Dragon vs Water Rat Dragon vs Water Rat

Patterns Patterns

Similar Scales Similar Scales

Animals Animals

JEOL 733 Electron Microprobe JEOL 733 Electron Microprobe