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Cyclone weather - Mapua Wharf

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Bike Calculator
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ARCC assist e-bike system
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Black flame - Sodium lamp behind

A Black Flame

Camera Stabilizer

$14 Camera Stabilizer
THE PICOSTEADY - Video Camera Stabilizer


A Ceramics and Photographic Exhibition

Aimée McLeod
Roland Idaczyk
Linda Ćihařová
John Patterson

Curve Fitting

AAFlame Software
AAFlame Documentation
HP-15c/DM-15c CurveP Software
HP-15c simulator
SwissMicros DM15 Scientific Calculator

Curve Fitting Publications

  1. Algorithm for determinations of sodium, potassium, calcium and lithium over wide concentration ranges by flame emission spectrometry J. E. Patterson, Analytica Chimica Acta, Volume 107, 6 January 1979, Pages 201-209.
  2. Flame emission over wide concentration ranges. J. E. Patterson, Atomic spectrometry seminar, N Z Institute of Science Technicians, Wellington, August, 1979.
  3. Atomic Spectrometry Programs for the HP9815 Computing Controller. J. E. Patterson. Report CD2309, DSIR, Chemistry Division 1980.
  4. AAFLAME, programs for atomic absorption and flame emission. J. E. Patterson, IRL Report, March (1993).

Gas Chromatograph

Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell

Hesperus the Pack-Cow

Hesperus the Pack-Cow Clarence River
Seaward Kaikoura Mountains
Three Cows were Stranded
Moo and Moo and the Little Calf too
Moo and Moo and Can You Guess Who?
New Zealand Geographic
Miller Stream Topographic map
Maori Onion
Long Limestone Ridge
Coral Shrub
Seaward Kaikouras
Hall's Totara
Bearded Lichen
Native Kea
Single Wire with an Earth Return
Rectangular Hay Bales
Model B Allis Chalmers Tractor

Picture of JEOL 733 Electron Microprobe

JEOL 733 Electron Microprobe

SGEES Home Page
Victoria University
Microanalysis facility users - pdf file
Athena: Mineral Search
Mineralogy Database
Electron Microprobe Operation
Electron Microprobe Standards
Standard Analyses - pdf file
Oxide Conversion Table
Electron Microprobe Notes - pdf file
Cathodoluminescence Notes - pdf file
Rock Crusher Instructions - pdf file
Electron Microprobe Images
JEOL electron microscopes
Moran Scientific

Some Electron Microprobe Labs

MIT Electron Microprobe Facility
NCEG JEOL JXA-733 Superprobe
University of Minnesota Electron Microprobe Laboratory
University of Wisconsin-Madison Electron Microprobe Course
Caltech - GPS Division Analytical Facility JEOL JXA-8200 Electron Microprobe

JEOL 733 Electron Microprobe Repair

JEOL 733 Electron Microprobe
JEOL 733 Electron Microprobe Manual - Caltech
Scanned JEOL 733 Manuals
Failure modes of electronics
126 series Hexagonal Connectors
Amphenol 57 20140 I/O socket
Amphenol 57 30140 I/O Plug

Gerard P Kuiper Airborne Observatory

Gerard P Kuiper Airborne Observatory

About the KAO
KAO 30th anniversary
Live from the Stratosphere
NASA's Kuiper Airborne Observatory, 1971-1995
Cosmic Ray Telescope

Mass Spectrometer

Ion Pumped Mass Spectrometer Base Peak Mass Spectrometry
How a Quadrupole works
Quadrupole Mass Filter
Graphical Quadrupole Theory - pdf file
Massport Software - zip file
Massport Documents - pdf file
Dycor MS Startup - pdf file
Spectral Database SDBS
Dycor Mass Spectrometers
Duniway Stockroom
Ion Pump History
Pfieffer TCP015 controller
MASSPORT Software - zip file
MASPORT5 Software - zip file - for the Raspberry Pi and later PCs
MASSPORT Documents - pdf file
Dycor MS Startup - pdf file
Raspberry pi configuration file dosbox-0.74.conf

Mocon 140e profiler repair


Photoacoustic Effect

Photoacoustic Effect Publications

  1. The Photoacoustic Effect in Mercury Vapour. J. E. Patterson, PhD Thesis, Victoria University, Wellington, 1988.
  2. J. E. Patterson, Analytica Chimica Acta, Volume 107, 6 January 1979, Pages 201-209.
  3. A sensitive photoacoustic mercury detector, J. E. Patterson, Anal. Chim. Acta, 136, 1982, 321.
  4. A differential photoacoustic mercury detector, J. E. Patterson, Anal. Chim. Acta, 164, 1984, p119-126.
  5. Relation between Photoacoustic Amplitude and Quenching of Mercury 3P1 --- 1S0 Fluorescence by hydrogen in Argon, J. E. Patterson, J. Chem. Soc., Faraday Trans. 2, 83, 1987, 255.
  6. Mercury in Human Breath from Dental amalgams, J. E. Patterson, B. G. Weissberg and P. J. Dennison. Bull. of Environ. Contam. And Toxicol. 34, 1985, 459-468.
  7. Atmospheric Mercury Concentrations inside Scott Base. S. J. De Mora, J. E. Patterson and D. M. Bibby, New Zealand Antarctic Record, 8, 1, 1987, 5.
  8. Levels of Atmospheric Mercury at Two Sites in the Wellington Area, New Zealand. D. M. Bibby and J. E. Patterson, Environmental Technology Letters, 9, 1988, 71.
  9. Gas Chromatographic Detector Based on Enhancement of Mercury 253.7 nm Photoacoustic Signals by Hydrocarbons in a Hydrogen Carrier. J. E. Patterson, Anal. Chim. Acta, 226, 1989, 99.
  10. `Mercury Content of Antarctic Surface Snow: Initial Results' Dick, A.L., Sheppard, D.S. and Patterson, J.E. Atmospheric Environment 24 A(4) 973-978 (1990).
  11. "Mercury content of Antarctic Ice and Snow: Further results" Sheppard, D.S., Patterson, J.E., Lyon, G.L. and McAdams, M.K. Atmospheric Environment, 25A (8) 1657-1660 (1991).
  12. "Baseline atmospheric mercury studies at Ross Island, Antarctica. de Mora, S.J., Patterson, J.E. and Bibby, D.M.,Antarctic Science 5 (3), 323-321 (1993)/
  13. Construction of a Photoacoustic Mercury Detector J. E. Patterson CD 2339, DSIR Chem Div, June, 1984
  14. Photoacoustic Detection of Mercury. J. E. Patterson NZIC Conference Poster, August, 1984.
  15. Atmospheric Mercury, D M Bibby and J E Patterson, Atmospheric Chemistry Workshop Poster, Wellington, 23-24 May, 1985.
  16. The Photoacoustic Detection of Mercury. J E Patterson, Conference poster presented at a meeting entitled "Flash photolysis and its applications" in honour of Sir George Porter P.R.S. at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, London, 1986.
  17. Mercury in Antarctic Snow. D S Sheppard, J E Patterson and A L Dick. NZIC conference paper, Wellington, 20-23 August, 1990.

Plasma ashing of foraminifera in a small bottle

Plasma Asher

300mA Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell
ProSciTech K1050 Plasma Asher
SPI Supplies
SPI Plasma Ashers
Thierry Plasma Asher

Plasma Asher Publication

Oxygen Plasma Asher

J E Patterson. Analytical Chemistry, 51, 1978, 1087-1089

Rough Weather
MetVUW Weather and Climate Service
Weather Underground
Weather Watch NZ

Hydrology Publications

  1. Digital event recorders for representative and experimental basins. A. Chandler and J. E. Patterson. Symposium on the results of research on representative basins, IASH-Unesco, Publication No. 96, 1970, 700-707.
  2. A combined event and fixed-time recorder J. E. Patterson. Journal of Hydrology (NZ), 10(2), 1971, 141-144.
  3. A multichannel event recorder for hydrological research. J. E. Patterson. Journal of Hydrology (NZ), 11(1), 1972, 55-61
  4. A printing counter for the field recording of events. J. E. Patterson. Journal of Hydrology (NZ), 17(1), 1978, 31-38.

SwissMicros DM15 scientific calculator

SwissMicros DM15 Scientific Calculator


hp versions
hp15C Simulator
hp-15c Scientific calculator
Curve Fitting
hp15c information
HPCC: Handheld and Portable Computer Club
Museum of hp Calculators
Eddie's Math and Calculator Blog
Guido's RPN calculators
Program Index
X-ray Spectrometer


Composite - 12 programs
Maths1 - 8 Programs
Maths2 - 12 Programs
Physics1 - 8 Programs
Bike1 - 4 Programs
StraylightP - Curve Fitting
CurveP - Curve Fitting
Stat4P.15c - Statistical curve fitting
HgCalP - Calibrate Mercury Analyser
ReactanceP.15c - Reactance calculations
BisectionP - Root finding equation solver
SecantP - Root finding equation solver
hp-15c Program Examples - 14 Programs
hp-15c Owner's Handbook - 14 Programs
hp-15c Advanced Functions Handbook - 7 Programs
hp-15c Matrix test routines - 2 Programs
hp-15c Owner's Handbook Matrix examples - 9 Programs

Visible Light Microscopy

White industrial hairnet, Kyowa stereo microscope, two circular polarisers, Omax 1.3 MP camera




Historical Microscopes
Leica Microscopy Knowledge Portal
Mathematical Microscope
Micropolitan Museum
Microscope World
Microworld Resources and News
Modern Microscopy Journal
Molecular Expressions
Nikon MicroscopyU
Olympus Microscopy Resource Center
Pippa's Progress
Practical Microscopy
Project MICRO
WWW Virtual Library of Microscopy
Virtual Microscope
Zeiss Campus


Biomedical Imaging Research Unit
McCrone Research Institute
Microscopy Society of America
Microscopy New Zealand
The Quekett Microscopical Club
Royal Microscopical Society


ADIAC Diatom Image Database
Fiji - ImageJ together with Java, Java 3D and a lot of plugins
ImageJ - Image processing and analysis in Java - PC, Mac or Linux
Microscopy and Mineral Images
1/4 wave plates and imaging
Inexpensive Macro Photography
Insect Macro Photography
Lambert Smith's Insecta
Mounting Digicams With Zoom Lenses Over The Microscope


AmScope Microscope Cameras
Microscope Cameras from
Numerical aperture and resolution
Omax Camera Software
Omax Microscope Cameras
Proscitech - Search for Cameras
ProScope 5 MP Microscope Camera
ToupView Quick Help


Two unusual Diatoms from New Zealand: Tabularia Variostriata a new species and Eunophora Berggrenii. Margaret A. Harper*, David G. Mann and John E. Patterson, Diatom Research (2009), Volume 24 (2), 291-306.

New diatom taxa from the world’s first Marine Bioblitz held in New Zealand: Skeletomastus a new genus, Skeletomastus coelatus nov. comb. and Pleurosigma inscriptura a new species. Margaret A. Harper*, John E. Patterson, John F. Harper, Acta Botanica Croatica 68 (2) 2009.

Oxygen Plasma Asher. J E Patterson. Analytical Chemistry, 51, 1978, 1087-1089

Snow falling on Chisbury Street

A Winter Storm

X-ray Spectrometer

X-ray Spectrometer

Amptek X-ray chart
Software for XRF
Te Papa
National library
VUW School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Age of the Paints Used
XRF spectra



Email: replace at with @


Dycor Mass Spectrometer

Visible Light Microscopy

Plasma Asher

SwissMicros DM15 Scientific Calculator

hp15c Program Index

Curve Fitting


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Hesperus the Pack-Cow

Favourite Photos

A Ceramics and Photographic Exhibition

Kuiper Airborne Observatory



A Black Flame


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Electron Microprobe

JEOL 733 Electron Microprobe

JEOL 733 Electron Microprobe Repair

Oxide Conversion Table

Completed projects

Amptek X-ray Spectrometer

Mercury Photoacoustic Effect

HP Gas Chromatograph

Camera Stabilizer

Mocon Profiler Repair


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The name of this site adds the initials of my name, John E Patterson, to "spectro", from spectroscopy. The logo above is a stylised "JEP" with overlapping letters. The colours represent spectroscopy.

My CV is here.

John Patterson

Amptek X123 X-ray spectrometer Amptek X123 X-ray spectrometer

Leitz Microscope with Omax 1.3 MP camera Leitz Microscope with Omax 1.3 MP camera

Picture of Dycor Mass Spectrometer Dycor Mass Spectrometer

Camera Stabilizer Camera Stabilizer

Sampling air for mercury at Lake Vanda Sampling air for mercury at Lake Vanda

Black flame - Sodium lamp behind Black flame - Sodium lamp behind

Halley's Comet Halley's Comet

Unimat 3 - Dremel 300 milling modification Unimat lathe, Dremel 300 milling modification

Ipod Nano watch Ipod Nano watch

Pencarrow Head, Wellington Pencarrow Head, Wellington.

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